Kick Shield

Art No : IL-KS-0004

Training Pads Professional | Orpheus Thai Pads Kick Shield | MMA Kick Boxing Muay 

For tough Thai pads that endure, we introduce this sturdy training and MMA strike shield. The ultimate companion 

in any partner-on-partner practice session. Made from durable leather, it is resilient enough for Muay Thai to 

mixed martial arts. This pad is perfect for practicality with an ergonomic design and high-tech features 

including a unique gel padding to absorb shock, a curved design to perfectly mimic the shape of your arm, secure 

straps with sheathe to give you complete adjustability, plus pressure point technology to spread impact evenly 

across your body. This robust boxing pad is versatile enough for all disciplines. Sold as a single item.

Made with authentic cowhide leather for a long-lasting performance Thai pad

gel Equilibrium Sheet padding to cushion and absorb impact from kicks and knee strikes

Curved design for perfect form and shock resistance

Secure straps with sheathe to give you maximum support when shielding against blows 

pressure point technology to evenly distribute force no matter how brutal

Size: Pcs

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